Rock Bangle in Silver

Rock Bangle in Silver

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A heavier rock bangle in silver by Emily Nixon. It’s substantial weight and undulating design makes a fabulous statement piece.




Small = approx 6cm inner diameter

Medium = approx 6.7cm inner diameter

Large = approx 7cm inner diameter


About the Maker

Emily Nixon studied fine art textiles at Goldsmiths College and fine art at the Warsaw Academy in Poland. She now lives and works in Penzance, Cornwall, where her inspiration is derived from the sculptural forms and textures of the land and seascape. The organic, sea-worn character of her work is informed by the twists and folds of seaweed, the contours of pebbles and the flotsam and jetsam washed up along the coastline. Emily is intrigued by the idea of found natural materials juxtaposed with precious metals and gemstones.