Ring Sizing

How to find out your ring size

  • The best way to find out your ring size is to visit us in the gallery, so that we can take a measurement for you.
  • If you’re not local to Exeter, we recommend you find a friendly jeweller local to you who is happy to measure your finger for you.


  • The ring size you will need will vary depending on the width of the ring you are ordering. If you are ordering a very wide ring, it is likely that you will need a larger size than if ordering a narrow ring. If you go to another jeweller to have your finger measured, ask them to measure you with a ring sizer that is a similar width to the ring you wish to purchase.
  • The size of your fingers can fluctuate significantly. If you think your ring is too big/small, bear in mind that fingers can reduce in size in the cold, and expand when hot. Fingers can change shape according to the time of day (many people notice that their rings feel very tight in the morning but feel much looser by the evening).
  • It’s normal to have to struggle a little to get your ring over your knuckle. The most important thing is to ensure the ring feels comfortable once it’s in position. If necessary, a little hand cream can be used to ease the ring over the knuckle.


Ordering a ring in your size

  • Should you require a ring in a different size to those available in our online shop, please contact us to place a bespoke order. Prices for rings may vary according to size.
  • Ring sizing is your responsibility. If you make a bespoke order for a ring and then decide that the size is not right for you, further resizing will incur a charge.
  • Any ring made to suit your personal specifications is classed as a bespoke order. Bespoke Orders cannot be returned for refund or exchange. Please see our returns policy for more information.

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