Silver, Moonstone and Champagne Diamond Earrings

Silver, Moonstone and Champagne Diamond Earrings

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Silver textile inspired earrings with grey moonstone and diamonds by 

Brigitte Adolph


Silver, grey moonstone, champagne diamonds.


7.3cm long, 1.4cm wide.

About the Maker 

Jewellery runs through the veins of German designer and goldsmith Brigitte Adolph, as both her parents and grandparents were jewellers. After becoming a goldsmith, she improved her skills while working for the royal jeweller of the Swedish Crown. Her fascination with contemporary design led her to return to study jewellery at the famous University of Pforzeim. Her studies took her from Germany to Denmark, Spain and Switzerland. Currently Brigitte is working in Karlsruhe, Germany. She has received multiple national and international awards for her work.

Brigitte’s work appears to be made form lace, but when touched reveals itself to be solid silver, white or yellow gold. She is interested in employing new and innovative techniques, and at the same time she is inspired by the past - by the ancient traditions of lace-making and by her memories of her homeland.