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Gift Voucher's

Gift Voucher's We've updated our gift vouchers with a hand illustrated image of our Exeter shop front. Gift vouchers are available to buy online or in our Exeter or Taunton stores.  Why not club together with a friend to buy a loved one a gift voucher or if you're looking for a leaving present for a colleague, look no further. 

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All about the Maker: Adele Taylor

Adele Taylor studied three dimensional design, silversmithing and jewellery at Sheffield Polytechnic and established her jewellery business soon after with a grant from the princess trust. The interplay of different colours of metal, both naturally occurring and chemically altered, has always interested Adele. Consequently she continually experiments with the use of different metals such as silver, gold, copper and pewter. The working properties of the media have significant and creative influence on the final outcome of the work. “I like the way you can draw on the surface by stamping and embossing. I have always been interested in surface pattern texture and I find acid etching a wonderful way of drawing directly onto the metal”. Adele is showing her jewellery...

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A Jeweller's Benchpeg

Every jeweller who hand makes their work does so at a jeweller's bench. The part of the bench they work against is called a benchpeg. It’s a piece of wood that sticks out from the bench and each jeweller's peg will look different. Every jeweller will adapt their peg to support them whilst making. Over time, their peg will gain its own personality of grooves, holes and weathering. Eventually a jeweller will replace their benchpeg when it becomes too brittle with holes or too short after being sawn into over the years. On Instagram there are a number of hashtags you can follow to get an insight into jewellers' working environments and see their workbenches or benchpegs. These inlcude #benchpegselfie and #benchpegwednesday....

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