Metal Blackbird Brooch

Metal Blackbird Brooch

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Bird tinned steel printed brooch, by Melanie Tomlinson. 

The painstaking process of making these brooches begins with the creation of original, colourful and highly intricate gouache paintings, which serve as masters for the printing process. The metal used is then hand-printed and coated before being cut, folded, coaxed, and smoothed to form her collection of bright butterfly, bird and fish brooches with a  shiny finish that catches the light beautifully. 

About the Maker

Melanie Tomlinson is an automata maker and illustrator. Her printed tin pieces are inspired by human life and a passion for nature. Her work sometimes has roots within other cultures and may appear deliberately mysterious or strange. 

Romania is close to her heart and Melanie often includes traces of its culture within her work. Themes from folklore run like threads through her work, allowing her to step into another world, to explore the world of the unfamiliar and transform its stories and symbols. The themes and messages in folktales transcend time and culture and are still relevant to our own experiences.