Green Tourmaline & Diamond Studs

Green Tourmaline & Diamond Studs

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Sea green tourmaline stud earrings with intricate golden details punctuated with white diamonds.18ct yellow gold, green tourmaline, white diamonds.

Dimensions of setting detail: 9.4mm x 12.6mm
Green tourmalines: 1.8ct total

About the Maker

Ruth Tomlinson's inspiration comes from the idea of lifecycles and change in nature, from birth to decay. She is also interested in other sources from photography, medieval archaeological finds to Pre-Raphaelite imagery and symbolism. She likes to respond to her immediate environment and is open to spontaneous finds and observations. The techniques and materials Ruth has incorporated to date includes general metalworking, casting and the inclusion of small-scale porcelain. she aims to work these materials into pieces that move delicately on the body and connect to the individual spirit. Ruth hopes to evoke a sense of wonder around her work that leads people to question the idea of preciousness. Often finding hidden beauties sometimes overlooked in a finished object.