Copper Sail Boat
Copper Sail Boat
Copper Sail Boat

Copper Sail Boat

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Copper sail boat, resting on a stone. Made by Michael Johnson


Copper, stone


25cm wide, 15cm deep.

About the maker

Bespoke copper, bronze and brass work from the finest industrial arts coppersmiths in the UK. First established in the fishing village of Newlyn in 1890, copperware produced in the following 60 years was some of the most outstanding work created in the arts and craft tradition. Production largely ceased for 40 years until the workshop re-established by Michael Johnson in 2004. Michael has been recognised as the leading artisan coppersmith in the UK. Combining traditional coppersmith skills with the latest metal work technology. The copper works produces the highest quality hand crafted bespoke copper work available.

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