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Cloud and Rays of Sunshine Necklace Yellow Gold


This cloud and rays of sunshine necklace takes inspiration from crepuscular rays, rays of sunlight seemingly radiating through clouds in the sky. Momocreatura has created little fluffy clouds with matte sterling silver, and rays of light in 22ct gold plated silver. 

This item measures: H: 1.5cm, W: 5.4cm, D: 2.6cm and chain: 40cm+5cm. 

About the Maker

London-based Japanese designer Momocreatura's jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. Momo describes her work as 'more like 3D illustration or wearble miniature sculptures. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambigiguous, twisted humour'.

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