Silver Berry Drop Earrings

Silver Berry Drop Earrings

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Silver berry drop earrings by Hannah Bedford.




1.5cm wide, 3.5cm long.

About the Maker

Since graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2004, Hannah Bedford undertook a year long residency at Bishopsland Educational Trust in Oxfordshire. Since then she has set up a successful jewellery business, taking part in exhibitions and selling nationally to galleries and shops. These wearable jewellery collections are achieved by sensitively hand working the metal's surface with delicate textures and fine details. Natural forms inspire these textures which decorate the metal's surface. The surface of the silver is rolled with paper to create the unique printed surfaces. Hannah often allows the process involved in working the metal to dictate the shape and form, which in turn allows an element of freeness and spontaneity to the work.