Purple Enamel stud earrings

Purple Enamel stud earrings

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Round purple enamel stud earrings made by Caroline Finlay.

The surface of the silver has been textured which is seen through the enamel.

1.1cm wide.

About the maker

Caroline Finlay works from her studio in a renovated fire station in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. She is inspired by her natural surroundings, in particular the coastline. She is interested not only in the textures, colours and patterns it evokes but the symbiotic relationship of plants, creatures, the tide, seasons and life cycles. Caroline works in silver and enamel and explores traditional jewellery making techniques to create mark making on silver and to achieve textures, pattern and form such as embossing, piercing, punching, hammering, etching, raising and forming. The techniques she uses means every piece of jewellery is individual and she is happy to let a piece develop in the making process, allowing the natural characteristics of different techniques to interact, creating a more unusual form or texture.