9ct Gold Sapphire Stud Earrings

9ct Gold Sapphire Stud Earrings

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9ct gold delicate pair of earrings with faceted sapphire stones in the middle. 


9ct gold, sapphires


Approximate diameter: 6.2mm. 

About the Maker 

Mounir's signature style is that of a timeless and refined elegance. His meticulous attention to detail has secured him as one of the industries leaders, since forming in 1989. Partnered with wife Corinne the philosophy of the designs has always been to create honest and beautiful pieces resistant to fleeting fashions.

Mounir's romance with the colour and mysticism of the stones is an undeniable facet of his unfaltering allure. Using gold and silver, laden with individually sourced precious and semi precious stones, the designs reflect a sense of balance and proportion. All the materials are supplied by legitimate fair trade sources. In addition the pieces are hand crafted by highly skilled craftsmen in the London studios, once again maintaining the brands ethical integrity.

Mounir's loyal celebrity following is further testament to the refined sophistication of his signature style. The pieces have also featured many a time in leading publications such as Vogue, Instyle, Red and Harpers Bazaar to name but a few.