Textile Squares Necklace

Textile Squares Necklace

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Striking blue and green textile necklace by Cecile Bertrand.

Length: 45cm

About the Maker

Cecile Bertrand was born in Paris and has lived in Brussels for the past twenty-five years. Cecile began her researcg into textile jewellery in 2005, making a long necklace from silk ties. Her interest in textiles in general, and prints in particular, led her to recycling old fabrics, ties, dresses and silk scarves and she is a keen collector of vintage fabrics. All textures are of interest to Cecile - a fibre can dictate a shape or a technique. A self-taught maker, she is currently exploring how to adapt the motifs found in textile prints into jewellery, and she has a particular fondness for tourist scarves with their figurative scenes and geometric motifs. Her printed silk necklaces are often unique pieces, full of joie de vivre and great fun to wear.